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About Us

Company History:

We are in the gemstone business since 1979, selling precious and semi-precious stones of international standard to our customers all over the world. Rasav Gems have earned its reputation as the direct source for the fines colored stones in the market. The feedback from our valuable customers has helped us to attract new clients and build a strong bond with them. Rasav Gems, which is a Jaipur based Company has a renowned position in the field of manufacturing of the gemstone. We are delighted to provide quality gems to our clients all over the world. Our buyers are mainly gemstone jewelry makers and gemstone collector. We always keep the path of excellence by creating value for money and interest invested by our esteemed customers. Rasav Gems has its own manufacturing unit that helps to keep a check over the quality and price as compared to other companies in the market. Our aim is to bring the smile of joy on the face of esteemed clients on every purchase they make with us.

Just come and explore the site and fill your shopping cart with your desired pieces of stones. Rasav Gems promises to give the best piece on earth.

What makes Rasav Gems the Best?

We work as manufacturing & importing company that produces various kinds of precious and Semi-Precious natural gemstones. With this phenomenon is manufacturing the ultra-modern fantasy gemstone with excellent finishing & cutting. To meet the international standards, the complete making process beginning from selection of superfine gems to the final finishing of each piece undergoes tough examinations by their qualified quality controllers even at a very minor level. Our proprietary system of three-tier calibration guarantee gemstone delivery the accurate clarity, color, size and shape specifications, in uniformed protected packing, regardless of the ordered quantity.

We believe in long lasting relationship with the customers because Quality and Classic service gives the happiness to our customers and help us to strengthen our bond with the clients. If thinking of quality brands or business oriented equipment, then we buy directly from many of the world's foremost brand houses.

Rasav Gems Specialized Gemstones:

Rasav Gems are specialized in natural gemstones, they are of high quality, calibrated, matching pairs, and gemstone Lots, cabochons, carved stones, loose stone, color change gemstones and many more. also has a superb collection in precious stones like Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and others. We now have more than 10,000 products available on our website and every single stone can be seen online is certainly available too! Make sure to check the New Arrivals Section on our website daily -- the popular Gemstones move quickly and you also don't want to lose out these offers. With fast, reliable shipping, we can easily deliver in a few days to anywhere in the world with Local Air Mail or FedEx International Priority accordingly.

Competitive Price:

An individual can check out our prices by just dialing or mailing us your number to make any confirmation or any query. Our Customer support services are available to serve you for better services. Rasavgems have so many years of experience now in this industry and being the direct manufacturer, importer, buyers so there is another way individuals can reflect upon our prices & quality.

Employee Strength & Customer Service:

Rasav Gems have engaged, highly skilled people involved in cutting, grading and fulfillment centers and enabling continuous production and uninterrupted fulfillment of our customers’ requests. Designed to meet the needs of our customers who give us business and are directly purchaser from us, our efficient and customer friendly e-procurement system offers a wide array of e-commerce services including diverse purchasing options that fulfills your basic requirements. We aim on quality and precision, which has famed us as a world-class supplier of calibrated natural color stones to the manufacturers. We exclusively focus on color and clarity persistence, makes us the first choice provider of calibrated gemstone when it comes to high speed & reliable manufacturing.

When we talk about gemstones, the Cut refers to the shape of the stone, whether it is oval, round, emerald, cushion or many other variations. Cutting a gem properly includes a lot of efforts and skills, as the exactness of the facets and their proportions will regulate the appearance of the gem when light enters it. When a gemstone is cut in the exact shape with expert faceting, it will be truly dazzling.

To continue with our gemstone analogy, each choice that is made will shape our lives and we can choose at every moment whether a facet is created or not that will let light shine through or not.