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Loose Gemstones suppliers Jaipur (India): Rasav Gems

The passing decade has witnessed colored gem stone industry undergoing sea-changes in context to style and fashion. Along with these changes, buyers of colored Gemstones have shifted their buying habits from real time shop to online shop. To keep abreast with the changing trend, Rasav Gems has forayed into online market panorama with Rasav Gems as a trusted website.

Rasav Gems based in Jaipur having already stamped its authority as a leading wholesale loose gemstone supplier in India is now marking its strong global presence felt in Thailand, Bangkok and Hongkong. The Four decade experience of manufacturing and trading of colored stones has helped Rasav Gems to immediately strike a chord with its on-line buyers too. Our constant endeavor is to fulfill demand of customer with best quality gem stones.

Our own manufacturing unit housed in a spacious well-planned building is equipped with state of art, ultra modern manufacturing facility to produce high quality products to meet the requirements of buyer. Our direct sourcing from mines and on-line selling has resulted in elimination of middle men, thus, enabling passage of benefit to the buyer by offering most competitive prices.

manufacturing unit

Our dedicated and trained team of over 300 professionals is working round the clock to produce the best pieces of craft. They emphasize upon looking into each aspect of precise gem stone manufacturing and ensure that not an iota of defect remains in the final product in context to size, cut and color.

We, being a direct procurer of Raw material, having own manufacturing facility and as a wholesaler and supplier in Jaipur (India), Thailand, Bangkok and Hongkong always maintain a huge inventory to meet diverse needs of buyers. A large assortment of colored gemstones facilitates the buyers by providing a lot of choice options to buyers.

manufacturing unit

Buyers can visit Rasav Gems online and place their tailor-made orders. The present trend has made natural gemstones a hot cake with Jewelry manufacturers in India, Thailand, Bangkok and Hongkong. They are widely used by jewelers to add glitter and color to the ornaments resulting in omnipresent demand for precious and semi-precious gemstones in different shapes and sizes. We provide them with one-stop solution with aesthetic assortment of precious and semi-precious gemstones available 24x7 in trendiest cut. We have a large collection of finest quality Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond and other natural stones as ready stock.

As a leading Wholesaler and suppliers of quality natural gemstones in India (Jaipur), Thailand, Bangkok and Hongkong, it is our endeavor to quench the quest of varying demand of buyer. A large variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones is always available, be it Cabochons or Drilled.

We have a very simple and user friendly order process in which buyer has to place details of preference in terms of weight, color, category, shape, cut, size, clarity etc. and we will ensure timely delivery of the order.

As a wholesaler and suppliers of Gemstones in India, Thailand, Bangkok and Hongkong, we always welcome buyers who place order in bulk quantity. Our motto is Customer’s satisfaction and tag line is Pure. Passionate.Precious. Our products always carry certificate of authenticity. It is a fact that one has to strive hard to constantly remain at Numero Uno position and quality is the only factor to achieve it. There should be no buyer’s apprehension regarding the authenticity of gemstone.

Shopping online with Rasav Gems 24x7, entire year will certainly be an enchanting experience. We offer irresistible products and prices to our buyers. A click of the mouse on and indulge in blissful experience of exploring the world of natural and authentic Gem Stones.