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Know About Gemstone

Precious gemstone:
- Rasav Gems has a magnificent collection of Precious gemstone. We offer our clients to pick from the most spectacular pieces of precious gems such as emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond that are available in the market. provides precious natural stones in awesome colours and fantastic cut and sizes with shapes.

You have a wide variety of precious gemstones available very easy to select and available at genuine cost. Each of the gemstone that is shown on the site are of top quality because we believe in winning the trust of our client. Our experts are always there to assist you in buying the product.

Semi-precious gemstone:
- In the world of semi-precious gemstones you will find all kinds of coloured stones available with Rasav Gems. We are delighted to offer stones that reflect a mood, a feeling, a special event of your life and many more. It is our pride to provide the clients with an array of gemstones and that too at a reasonable price and international standard. offer all kinds of semi-precious stones with desirable shape, size and in awesome colours for all purposes and events of your lifetime. They are available in abundance. We even have stones available in wholesale. We make sure that our customers get the right semi-precious stone, which they are searching for in their hand.

Popular gemstone: - For popular gemstones it is a combination of precious and semi-precious stones where maximum people get connected to the popular stones available in the market. Rasav Gems have a good collection of popular gemstone. has a long list of popular gemstones and we also have an expert team to help you in the selection of the stone.

Top-grade gemstone: - Top-grade gemstone are found in a few of the gemstones where the highest quality specimens of gems are available. The Rasav Gems mainly offer top-grade gemstone in emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond in precious stones and amethyst, tourmaline and Tanzanite in semi-precious stones.

Drilled gemstone: - Drilled stones are mainly used by the jewellers to make jewellery. These stones have holes drilled through them. Drilled stones are available in all kinds of lovely shapes and sizes, which are used to make earrings, pendants, rings and other jewellery.

Cabochons: - A cabochon stone are those stones which are not faceted or highly polished. These stones are cut into any shape. has a good collection of cabochons satisfying customers from all over the world and fulfilling their requirements.

Carving: - Carving is usually done with semi-precious stones with images inscribed in it. It is highly a skilful work done by experts. People who are passionate towards carving stone can explore the website and get all kinds of stones carved.

Beads: - Beads are available in precious as well as semi-precious stones. They are mainly used to make jewellery. It is found in lovely shapes and various sizes. Rasav Gems offers different beads to its customers in genuine prices.

Matched pair: - Matched pair are highly in demand in the gemstone as they are more used in earrings, rings and pendants for jewellery purposes. To produce a matched pair lot of work is required as both of them look alike. Rasav Gems produce the most excellent matched pair stones across the globe.

Fancy cuts gemstone: - Fancy cut gemstone are great in demand. They are mainly used for jewellery purposes. It is cut by special cutters. Rasav Gems has varieties of fancy cut gemstone with awesome looks and lovely colours for you to choose from.