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Shipping Terms & Policy

How can we help you regarding Shipping? kindly go through to know Our Shipping policy which are following.

Shipping Terms:

We Ship to all major countries in the world except Pakistan with trusted shipping partners like FedEx, UPS, accordingly. But it would be the client’s own responsibility to get Custom Clearance after shipping and apart from that Local taxes and import duties also will be customer’s responsibility. All the Gems can be purchased via online at Rasav Gems from any part of the world. But remember that all purchases must be followed by a valid shipping address. If any buyers provide us the wrong shipping address, in such case the Company will not be responsible for this.

Shipping Time:

If you ordered for any gemstone or shopped with us, which are available in the stock in such case we can ship on the same business day. However, if the order is in bulk or in large quantity, then we will take this procedure to dispatch it around 8 to 12 working days or may be more or may be more days. For clear confirmation about it please let us know or contact us on working days from Monday to Friday at 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM IST (Indian Standard Time). When we ship your order we will send you a verification mail also along with the tracking number of shipment. If we will ship your order by the FedEx, then you can check the status of your ordered shipment details on FedEx website. When we are shipping by DHL remember that you have to check the status details on the DHL website. But if your order may be shipped via Global Express Airmail to USA (United States America), then you can check the status to your ordered shipment on the US Postal service website. Beside it we will also give message on your registered cell phone.

Shipping Charges:

Rasav Gems Shipping Charges depends on the several ways like – By FedEx and UPS for all countries Upto $90.00 USD and on local airmail upto $20 USD.