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Custom & Duties

Is there any Duties or VAT included in your price and how much tax do I need to have paid?

  • No, the price of our gemstones does not include any VAT or Duties. We have finalized the cost of our item. Henceforth, the VAT or Duties you only need to pay it to your respective country custom department.
  • In most of the countries, you have to pay taxes or duties on imported products and its total responsibility to the customers for clearance from the customs. At times products have no taxes entertained over certain value or in some categories.
  • Each and every country has different rules & regulations related to taxes and duties. There is no need for the company to be aware of know the directions, traditions, paperwork, practices, culture, schemes, systems, codes, laws and rulings of every country.
  • Hence, by any way we neither advice nor offer any suggestion about taxes in your country. As a buyer, it is your own responsibility to get to know about the customary duties of your country before you order along with that how you can clear your purchased order from Customs.
  • If you have to pay import taxes, extra duties and sales taxes, then you must pay it to the courier while receiving the package. We cannot calculate this for you and there is no way to pre-paid it.

What about Low declaration

  • We cannot declare low in such amount like under $50 because your order value could be much higher instead of this and declared that low value won't be feasible.
  • Make sure to provide the value of your order, type, and quantity of the products is appropriate for a declaration under $50 and we will surely do our best to help you pertaining all.
  • Before you paid us for any product and you need advice related to particular declared value is deemed possible. You can check out an order and submit a ticket with your order number. After it, we will look at the contents of your order and your country also that what declared value could be sensible.

Can you declare much lower value for any order that I purchased from you to avoid import taxes?

  • Our complete support related to any import regulation.
  • However, if you have special directions for the invoice declaration that you ordered from us, kindly speak us regarding these directions whenever you order with the help of using the online checkout comment box.