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International Orders

Rasav Gems ship internationally or in other words can say that all over the world. Underneath are the information provided for Rasav’s international clients;

Shipment Time

Shipping by Insured Recorded Mail from Date of Invoice or place of order, then it will take usually 10 days or even more due to some reason. If the shipment takes time, then we would definitely let you know.

Important information regarding International Shipment or Other payment options:

  • You can pay through PayPal.
  • If you are paying with the accept credit-card, we involve the following details to procedure any international order;
    • Copies of the Credit Card should be used for the purchase. (Front & Back).
    • Copy of the Personal Photo as Identification – Where information must be clear and readable also.
    • Name of the bank, which credit card you are using for purchasing with Rasav Gems.
    • Customer care or customer support Number that bank issued the credit card.
Kindly note that the absence of any above details, which we have mentioned will delay in output or even could cancel the order.

Other Payment Options
We accept payments in Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express card etc. It is possible to safely type in your bank card number by way of our secure server of which encrypts just about all submitted info or details. Whatever transaction information that is made with us will be 100% secure.

Rasav Gems offering two convenient shipping methods for international orders:

FedEx & USPS:
In order to receive your delivery through FedEx, then either provide us using your FedEx Account or using your credit card, which will be passed to FedEx for one’s delivery or shipment. Kindly, remember that in both situations FedEx would charge you directly for your actual transportation charges, which include insurance and also any custom duties – if applicable even though ordering make sure you mention the concerning the service that you require, whether it is economy or priority mail delivery, using economy shipping option, most in-stock items will arrive on your selected you 5-7 organization days soon after receipt of your order. With main concern shipping your package can arrive place or destination within 3-5 days assuming that all items are in stock. To calculate your order arrival date if all items come in stock add the appropriate number regarding business days (for ship time) and one (1) to two(2) days (for process time) on your order time or at the time of your order. Your transport cost will depend on weight and also shipping process for a worldwide order.