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Rasav Gems is an extremely trusted and excellent Corporation, we have a long experience of 35 years in this industry. We provide Guarantee in many sense such as Guarantee on Quality Stones, Guarantee on genuine Stones, Guarantee on audit Laboratory Stones and even Guarantee on price competitive. Besides, Rasav Gems also guarantee the accurate Carat weight of your gemstone. Our Service is totally risk free from buyers to sellers because we have large hub of clients from all over the world and we assure that we always find exactly what the customers are paying for. All gems of Rasav Gems tend to be guaranteed for being as mentioned. Our specialist staff cautiously inspected and measures every single gem. Every single gemstone from Rasav Gems is a natural stone created by the Earth. We do not deal in synthetic or any lab-created "gems".

Stone Replacement

We can substitute your gemstone, free of cost*, any diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire during this Guarantee if it breaks, get damage, or is lost from its actual piece. In order for your Gemstone Guarantee be effective, get your diamond and/or gemstone inspected and get the inspection documented every 6 months by an authorized representative at Rasav gemstone manufacturing unit. This includes the necessary changes made by our representatives.


We offer certification by independent gemological laboratories, as well). You may choose to order a new certificate right at that moment you add a service to ones cart, by checking the "Add Certificate" box for the detail page for that item. For more information click right here.

Give Us a Call

Any questions regarding any stone Guarantee or want to know more about which you have bought with us, then you are free to contact our Customer Care team on Monday to Friday at 10 am to 6 pm IST- (Indian Standard Time).