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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Shipping & Delivery:

 What are the shipping charges?
Rasav Gems Shipping Charges depends on several ways like – By FedEx and UPS for all countries Upto $90.00 USD and on local airmail up to $20 USD.
Note:Local taxes and import duties would be the responsibility of the customer.
  What countries do you ship to?
We Ship to all the major countries of the world except Pakistan with trusted shipping partners like UPS, FedEx, and Local Air mail accordingly. It’s the client own responsibility to get Custom Clearance after Shipping.
  When will you ship my order?
If the ordered gemstone is available in stocks, then the shipping is possible on the same working day. However, if you are ordering in bulk, then the procedure to ship your order will take around 6 to 10 working days or may be more days. If there is any delay in the order, then also you will be informed by us.
  Name the courier service you use to ship orders to your customers?
We use FedEx and UPS and also Local Air mail.
  Will I know my corresponding package tracking number?
When your order is shipped by us, then a confirmation mail consisting of the tracking number of your shipment is sent. In case if your order is shipped through FedEx, then you can check the status of shipment over the FedEx website. When shipped by UPS remember that you can go to check the status of your shipment over the UPS website. Registered mail shipments require to be tracked from the postal service in the destination country. Most countries provide online tracking number for registered mail, but some does not. We will even send you message on your registered Cell-Phone.

Payment Methods:

  Which international currency you use to price the product?
Rasav Gems prices are based on US dollars (USD) and the bank pay us in Indian currency (INR).
  What are my payment options?
We accept PayPal and all primary credit cards like Visa, Master Card etc. for more information can check here at payment checkout.
  Is it possible for me to send the facts through fax?
Yes, you can fax the information of your credit card to buy online. Our fax no. is +91-141-2771033.
  How can I buy from you, if I don't have a credit card?
If you don't have credit card, you can still shop with us through debit card, VISA or Master card. Otherwise, you can use directly a wire transfer from your bank if your order is over $200 USD.

Privacy & Security:

  Will it be safe to send my credit card information via web?
Your online transaction information would be 100% safe and secure and this information cannot be seen and shared by anybody.
  Will the credit card information secure?
Yes, your information regarding credit card will be 100 % secure.
  How safe the information stored in cookies are?
No personal information is stored in cookies. Cookies are actually used to access all the features of our site.

Certificates & Reports:

  Are your gemstone real or synthetic/simulated?
Rasav Gems deal only with Natural Minerals (Gemstones). The information of each Stone is clearly stated as such.
  How you will you send Gemstone Report?
We will send your report by both offline and online.
Offline– In the offline procedure we will provide you a hard copy of Gem Certification (Rasav Gem Product Guarantee Certified Card), Authenticity Card by SGL & GIA(only for the diamonds) if clients add cart to it on the payment option because it would be chargeable accordingly.
We are also providing authenticity card by SGL & GIA for coloured gemstones. for more details please contact +91-9829465386
Online– In the Procedure of Online we will send you a mail with complete information of the Gemstone along with Certification (Rasav Gem Product Guarantee Certified Card)
  • Name:
  • Shape:
  • Dimension:
  • Cut:
  • Color:
  • Weight:
  • Treatment:
  • Product Grade etc.
  Can I get certificates for your gems?
Yes, Rasav Gems Certification and third party Certification is chargable. You can order it while adding any stone to the cart. For testing the gemstone we will give it to a gemological laboratory and will send you the certificate along with your order. Further to know more about Gems certification you can visit Gem Certification.

Return & Refund:

  Define the "Return Policy" that is applicable to the customers?
Rasav Gems give 30 days risk return/replacement policy, in other words you have 30 days privilege from the date of purchase of the product if for any reason you wish to return it. If anyone is not completely satisfied, then the company will refund the money back with the return of the product without the shipping, handling insurance charges. For More details check our Return Policy.
  Can I read your return & refund policy in details?
Yes, you can read our return and refund policy in details, where you can find every information about the return and refund in our separate section of Return & refund policy page.
  How do I return any purchased stone from you?
If you want to return any gem to us during the inspection period, simply you have to drop a mail within 2 days at Be sure to include the ID of the gemstone and the picture you want to return. We will check your order and send you a return authorization code and specific return instructions. For further information pertaining this visit our company return policy page Return & refund.

About Rasav Gems:

Why are your prices so Comparative, instead of other Exporters, Dealers & Suppliers?
We are in the business since 1979 as a manufacturer and we are direct importer from the major mining countries such as Brazil, Africa, and Srilanka etc. Therefore this helped to sell our products at a lower price than other exporters, dealers and suppliers that give us an upper hand while negotiating the price and we pass on those savings to our clients.
  What kind of dealer you are, a Retailer or a Manufacturer?
We are the Manufacturer and direct importer from the mines. We have a wide range of overseas satisfied client’s network all over the world.
  In which Countries your offices are located?
Rasav Gems offices are located in India, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Thailand.
  From where do we get these stones?
Most of the gemstones are mined from Brazil, Africa, India, Srilanka and we direct import stones from mines. Many stones are easily tracked for their origin by their special characteristics of that stone like Australian Opal. But these days the rough are mined in several countries which cannot be always certain.
  How will I contact you through mail or Call?
You can call us at +91 9829465386 (10.00 am to 6.00 pm IST 5 working days, Monday to Friday) Or you can mail us at

Gems Questions:

  Will it be possible to order multiple quantity of a gemstone?
Yes, it is possible to order in bulk or multiple quantity from the Place order or Wholesale Lots beside it you can even change the quantity predefined 1 according to your choice of 2 or more.
  What is the size in mm?
It is clearly stated that the length and width of the stone an underneath MM=Mili Meters, 10MM = 1 CentiMeter OR 1 inch=25.4MM.
  What do you mean by carat weight?
It clearly mentioned the weight of the stone underneath
5 Carat =1G.Mand 1 carat= 1.10 Ratti.
Can I get my Birthstones?
Yes, we have all kinds of the birthstone according to your birth date (zodiac). You can order your Zodiac stone from here birthstone.
  Can I purchase any Gemstone that I wish through the phone or mail?
Yes, you can shop with us over the phone +91 9829465386 (10.00 am to 6.00 pm IST 5 working days, Monday to Friday) or by dropping a mail at
  Can you resize and mount the stone if I purchase from you?
Yes, if you want to resize any stone according to your wish we can do, but before that you need to inform us via mail. So that we can attach the concern person with the task. Then our responsible person will tell you that whether it is possible or not. If it's possible, then all cost/charges you will bear.

Auction Question:

  What is the procedure to delete my bid?
When your bid gets finalized you have submitted the bid, then it is not possible to retract the bid except in the case of typographical errors or an error in the item's listing. In such cases, e-mail including the applicable information are added like the username, the type of error, and the listing number of the item. Your request is reviewed by customer service representative and a determination is made based on the information provided.
  Is it possible to disable Item Watch e-mails?
To track auction in our system Item Watch a built-in tool is used, which permits tracking. You have the liberty to include an item to the watch list when signed, just click the tab “add to watch list” while viewing the item. In case your watch list gets a fresh bid, you will be alerted instantly via a mail. You can manage your watch list by clicking on “Item Watch” in the top navigation when logged in.

The main benefit of the Item Watch - besides curating your very own auction search engine - is receiving of email notification whenever your item on the list receives a bid from someone else.

This is a tiresome for some people who curate hundreds or even thousands (there is no limit!) of items on their watch lists as they tend to receive a large number of emails from us. We do have an email send limit in place, where you won’t receive more than one Item Watch Alert email for a single item in a 10 minutes period, however we wanted to go one better and allow you to select out of Item Watch emails completely.

For this, go to your Account Settings page, and un-tick the item watch emails box under the Email Notifications heading. Item Watch notification emails are turned on by default for all accounts.
  How the payment through credit card done?
Maximum the sellers do accept credit cards, but for this you need to make request as mainly the request of Pay Pal or Direct Deposit payments methods are available. Pay Pal account accept credit card only as the funding option.

  Mention the procedure to update my e-mail address or postal details?
To make your accounts up to the mark you need to sign in to your account. When you sign in you need to select the tab "Settings" from the top navigation. Enter your account password and make the desired changes.

Important: In case you make the payment through PayPal shipping address, or the address on the site is compared. To reduce delivery delays please confirm that all your address details are up to date on both sites.
  Explain Buy It Now Auction.
If you see an image succeeding the auction, then it is to be purchased the next moment. The method following is:

1. Press the tab buy now.

2. By entering your password you need to confirm the purchase by pressing the confirmation button.

3. In case your password is correct, then you are the winner of the item straightway. The bid will get closed on the item, the buy now price will be entered on your behalf, and you will be able to proceed directly to the checkout to make payment!

As soon as the item is closed or already get bids, then Buy it Now also gets unavailable.

In future when you see an item without the sign of no bids and the sign of buy now sign is present, then it means you can quickly become the new owner of the item. So avoid the delays caused by a standard auction!
  Explain NR / No Reserve Auction.
Here the buyers continue to bid till the bid auction ends up. The product is sold to the bidder with highest bids at the end of the auction period. The beginning of the bidding is at just $1, and the seller must sell the item to the highest bidder.
  What procedure the Refund or Exchange Policy follows?
Exchange policy is offered by site providing 7 days, if in case the buyer is not 100% satisfied with the purchase.

Yes, we believe in strengthening our bond with our esteemed clients.

Please check the Refund or Exchange Policy with all sellers.

View the extended profile of policies of each sellers on the Verified Sellers page.
  What makes it difficult to sign in?
Username and Password is always needed to log in whenever you bid or sell. To login to your account you are only required to click the tab related to Login to My Account on the navigational bar at the top of every page. After that you are asked to enter your password along with the username. In case you are unable to see the login button this shows that you are already logged in!

Prevent sharing any information related to the username and password with anyone. It is solely your responsibility for any kind of activity on your account.

At time if you are unable to remember the Username or Password, then land up to your Account Login and press the tab FORGOT PASSWORD.

Enter your e-mail address with which you are registered with us, then you will get a mail with a secure link. This will permit you to reset your account password within moments you will get the email. In case you didn’t get a new password please check the junk folder in your email.

NOTE: Passwords and usernames are case sensitive – ensure that your caps lock button is not on. When selecting a new password just be sure that you pick something that is memorable for you and difficult for others to guess too.
  What caused my bid to get rejected?
Mainly two reasons are responsible when a confirmed bid gets invalid:

-In case you enter an invalid amount in the "Bid Amount" section. Kindly check whether the bid amount carries only numbers. Avoid entering any signs like dollar signs ($) or commas (,) etc. into the bid amount field.

- The amount of your bid is lower than the "Next Bid" value. Check that your bid is equal to or greater than the current "Next Bid" value shown on the listing page. There are times when you will see the next bid at lower price than the actual rate. Like:

Jane enters her maximum bid of $10 for a No Reserve item without bids. If the bid stands at $1, because Jane's bid is automatically reduced to the minimum possible bid, the starting price of $1. The minimum increment is $1 that any other bidders will have to enter a minimum of $2.

Bill enters the bidding of a bid $5. His bid is accepted, till it is lowers Jane's bid of $10. Because at present Jane’s bid is the maximum bid, a bid is inevitably entered from her side at $6 - that is Bill's bid of $5 plus the increment of $1.

Deciding he really wants this item, Bill decides he is willing to bid up to $25, so he enters this bid, and is pleased to see he is now the leading bidding. If no one else bids more than $25, Bill will be the proud new owner of this item.