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What is Gemstone certification?

Mainly the buyers of Natural colored stone wish to buy a certified gemstone especially, when they go to buy an expensive gem. A proper gemstone certificate will give a surety that what you are getting and what you are paying for. In other words we can say that a Gemstone certification or gem report is like an official report, which is issued by a licensed gemological research laboratory that declares the qualities of the gemstone. Any Gemstone certification helps you henceforth to decide the value of your expensive Gems. Nevertheless, all certification does not equal here, we are explaining some information regarding gemstone certification that every gemstone buyer ought to know.

Rasav Gems Certification offer:

RGL: - Rasav Gems Laboratory (RGL) - It is our in house gemstone certification laboratory. In certification of this laboratory, we will provide you a certification that will certify your gemstone’s identification, origin, type, cut, shape, size, color and quality Along with Image.

Fees & ideal time: - Its fees, charges are $ 10.63 and we need 4 working days to conduct testing of gemstone to provide your certification.

GTL: - Gem Testing Laboratory (GTL) Jaipur, a project of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), was established on 12th August 1972; GTL is one of the oldest laboratories of the world which offers genealogical services to both domestic as well as overseas clients.

Fees & ideal time: -For certification form GTL fees, charges are $ 31.88 and we need 4 working days to provide you its certification.

IDT: - IDT is one of the largest and oldest independent Gemmological institution focusing on Gemstone certification, Gemmological Education and Research. Launched in April 2004, IDT has emerged globally as the favorite destination for getting the gems/jewelry certified.

Fees & Ideal time: - For a certification form IDT fees charges are $ 37.19 and we need 4 working days to provide you its certification.