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Management Team

Satya Narain Rao
Mr. Satya Narain Rao
Mr. S.N. Rao is one of the leading gemstone entrepreneur, manufacturer and exporter of precious and semi-precious gemstones.
Mr.S.N Rao has an experience of 40 years in gemstone manufacturing, trading and exports. Mr. Rao has travelled extensively to world’s leading gemstone mining areas to source rough gemstones like emerald, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, aquamarines, Tanzanite’s, rubilites and other semi-precious stones like amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, garnet etc.. He has acquired immense knowledge in identifying gemstones from rough to finished stages and their valuations.
The rough gemstones are cut & polished in own gemstone cutting factories and polished goods are exported worldwide to jewellery manufacturers, traders, wholesalers and designers.
Under the guidance of Mr S.N. Rao, the gemstone business has reached the far corners of the world with well-established network in the gemstone trade which enables Rasav Gems in sourcing best gemstones at best prices to cater to our ever growing clientele worldwide.
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Anand Rao
Mr. Anand Rao
Mr. Anand Rao has envisaged the vision to transform the traditional gemstone business to a digital platform. He has successfully developed an professional team, infrastructure and adopted modern techniques to take Rasav gems at a global level.
Mr. Anand Rao is an accomplished Gemmologists, gemstone & diamond grader, appraiser and have 18 years of immense experience in global gemstone & diamond business catering to leading national & international brands & reputed clientele.
Mr. Anand Rao is a Commerce graduate, Gemmologists and a Diploma holder in diamond/gemstone grading & assorting from Indian diamond institute. He has learned the gemstone & the diamond trade in depth, travelling to all manufacturing centres across the world from Sri Lanka, Thailand, India ,Hong Kong, Germany and China to source quality gemstones and cater to all clientele spread throughout Asia, middle east, Europe and Americas.
The vision of Mr. Anand Rao is to make leader in global gemstone trade and position it as a preferred supplier with an immense ease of buying gemstones online and providing a buyer with large and quality inventories with certifications.
Vijay Rao
Mr. Vijay Rao
(HEAD-Production, Quality
Assurance And Supply Chain)
Mr. Vijay Rao have the deep knowledge of Gemstone manufacturing, Sourcing, grading and supply chain management.
Mr. Vijay Rao is the key person responsible for all gemstones manufacturing, grading, certification and sourcing. he has experience of 15 years in gemstone manufacturing of several precious and semi-precious stones like emerald , rubies , sapphires , tanzanite’s , tourmalines etc. he leads the team of experienced gemstones cutters , polishers and graders responsible for product offering to customers . He is also responsible to maintain all quality related standards and specifications for all gemstones. Mr Vijay rao keeps a keen watch on daily trade activities which enables RasavGems to offers various and best quality authentic gemstones at very competitive prices.
Ajay Rao
Mr. Ajay Rao
(HEAD- Sales, Customer Relationship
And Inventory Planning)
Mr. Ajay Rao is responsible for sales promotion, customer relationship management and inventory planning . He manages sales team and looks after the retail sales and its operations.
He has an immense experience in one to one dealing with clients and has amazing clients to sales ratio. He understands the product and current market trends very well and has real time knowledge about expectations of customer as he has a 1st hand opportunity in dealing with customer directly.
Mr. Ajay Rao is a commerce graduate from university in Rajasthan. He has extensive experience of 13 years in Gems and jewellery industry. He is expert in precious stones and high end jewellery sales.