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How you can get Advantages to shop with us?

Shopping with Rasav Gems turns to be beneficial for you instead of other shopping sites because of many reasons.

Competitive Price:

We are in the gem business since 1979 and since, then we never turned back and continued to progress in our services and satisfying our customers every moment. Mainly the reason behind reasonable and low prices is due to our long experience in the trade and secondly we are manufacturer and direct importer from the major mining countries such as Brazil, Africa, and Srilanka etc. Hence, Our Prices are very reasonable as compared to Exporters, Dealers and Suppliers, which gives us an upper hand while more negotiating the prices and we pass on those savings to our customers. Anything else if you want to get to know more about us, then pick up your phone and give us a call at +91 9829465386 (10.00 am to 6.00 pm IST 5 working days, Monday to Friday) or visit our website:

Large inventory:

There is another way to benefit the shopping with us, if we do not have the merchandise according to your requirement, this would be very unlikely, but still we’ll make an honest effort to procure it for you.

Customer service:

We have an excellent and friendly customer support service team. The team members have sound knowledge to understand the customer’s problems and requirements, our team members professionally and honestly answer to all your questions and help you according to customer’s feasibility. By simply that we are confident enough regarding the quality and prices of our merchandise. Further, we also offer you different options within our services area to just to suit your convenience.