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Terms & Conditions

The Rasav Gems website is genuine and includes all the products, clients, data, infrastructure, number of company employees, company policies and other issues open. We offer certain set of terms and conditions for anyone who visit our website. For every section there is a separate terms and conditions set. Review this each time whenever you access the website. If there are any doubts or queries about any of our policies, then you may contact us via an e-mail address or by call according to Indian standard time (IST). So, before using the site read the terms and conditions carefully.

There are a few terms and conditions for our clients to build a strong relation between the customers and the company:

  • Before going through the website the user has to read and accept the terms and conditions of the site.
  • Please do not share information of your account details to any other alike companies until and unless you receive your ordered product from us.
  • When you receive an account and password upon completing the registration formalities then you will be responsible to preserve your account details.
  • When you will order or reserve any item, then we will provide you order number, tracking number, account name and further details by mail, then you have to ensconce all details after completing the procedures.
  • has the right to cancel, refuse or suspend the membership of any member without notice.
  • When agrees to your using of the website, then you are complying with the use of providing terms and conditions.

Acceptance by user agreement

The user hereby confirms its acceptance of all the terms and conditions, which we have decided on the above, and confirmed by him/her after reading out and agree to all the terms & conditions of the Rasav Gems Website.