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Buy Gemstones Online

Online Shopping has been on trend for the last few years. It has made easier the life of online shopping lovers. Now they can easily access whatever they want in just a few clicks. The online shopping has catered their craving for purchasing things effortlessly. In spite of the convenience which one has got after the emergence of the e-commerce in today’s world?
At present Era Digitalization exists in all over the world. All the services or business are adopted new online strategies to boost their businesses. Online Strategies and digitalization give many beneficial impacts in every field. In gems world, most of the companies are following the same path to establish itself in the E-commerce business. Human Being have been always affected by gemstones and their beauty. They have maintained their position in the hearts of human beings. In Industry, The beautiful cut, shine, and shapes of gemstones attract a lot of people from all over the world.
Buy Gemstones online

Why to choose us:

Nowadays, there is tough competition in the Gems & Jewellery trade whether it's in India or outside. So, Most of the manufacturers, Gems dealer, suppliers are competing with each other to attract many customers by offering discounts. When we buying gemstones, it is said that you should buy from authentic stores so that you can get gemstones. To make it easier for you,
Authentic Stores
RasavGems sells best quality gemstones online at very competitive prices, which you can buy from the comfort of your place.
You got many benefits from the use of online purchase, you can even customize the gemstones as per your choice. The website gives complete information on the products so that you can get yourself assured then buy them. We believe in selling only the best quality and tested gemstones. So in today’s life, when peoples has not much time to go miles to buy gemstones?
While we’re going to purchase online, it is also very important to protect from all kinds of spam and internet fraud which we heard every day. In this feeds, I am going to explain some points that will help you out while Buy gemstones online.

When Buy Gemstones Online, it is important to consider:

Compare sites: - It is a good and relevant way to get options to Buy online gemstone. Go through the reviews on the website. If it seems negative, then don’t deal with that organization. However, in order to choose the best site to deal with reading reviews about it and compare it to other sites. It will lead you to the best option. You can also check the reviews of the buyers from the website itself.
Original or synthetic Stone: - Natural gemstones are taken out directly from the treasures of the mother earth. Original stones are only washed, polished and cut into proper shapes. They are directly sold in the market keeping their original quality without any intervention by human beings. The other factor, Synthetic gemstones are the gift of technology and the process indicates how to create a new stone form using all natural elements and solutions. Synthetic stones get their name cultured, man-made, lab-made, or lab-created gemstones because they are produced in laboratories. These labs used techniques to recreate in a controlled setting the time, pressure, and temperature on carbon and different elements to produce different types of gemstones. The most interesting fact about synthetic stones is that, scientifically they are chemically identical in properties.
The natural color of stone: - Yes, It is first important thing which a person should consider while Buy Gemstones Online. There is a large number of gemstone seller online business, you can check the color quality of the stone by rambling on different sites.
Clarity of Gemstone: - Gemstones are divided into 3 Types of clarity level
  • Gemstones that are expected to form without inclusions
  • Form with moderate inclusions
  • Always found with inclusions
Weight of gemstones (carat): - For gemstones, A carat is a unit of weight measurement. Each carat is approx two hundred milligrams (0.2 grams) or one-fifth of a gram.
Durability of the stone: - One vital measure of gemstone durability is hardness. In gemmology, gems hardness is calculated on a scale known as the Moh's scale.
The credibility of the seller: - This is also a very important factor which you do need to discuss. You should check that the seller is providing its physical address, phone no., email id etc. Never buy a stone from a dealer who hides all these details. You can also check the gemstone certification details in the products details.
Certification: - Mainly the buyers of Natural colored stone wish to buy a certified gemstone especially when they go to buy an expensive gems. A proper gemstone certificate will give a surety that what you are getting and what you are paying for. In other words, we can say that a Gemstone certification or gem report is like an official report, which is issued by a licensed gemmological research laboratory that declares the qualities of the gemstone.
Payment options: - You can pay through PayPal. We also accept payments in Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express card etc. It is possible to safely type in your bank card number by way of our secure server of which encrypts just about all submitted info or details. Whatever transaction information that is made with us will be 100% secure.
Return & Replacement policy: - Our main purpose is to make the client satisfaction with whatever product they purchase from Rasav Gems. We offer our customers 30 days Return/Replacement policy, in other words, you have 30 days privilege from the purchase date of the product for any reason, then a full refund of the merchandise without the amount of shipping, handling, and insurance charges. These are main noticeable points for a customer when customer decides to Buy gemstones online.

Quality & Online policy

There are certain Qualities & policies I will list them, you can judge yourself, why you can trust to Buy gemstone online from RasavGems.
Qualities & policies
Competitive price: - We are in the gem business since 1979 and since then we never turned back and continued to progress in our services and satisfying our customers. Mainly the reason behind reasonable and low prices is due to our long experience in the trade and secondly, we are the manufacturer and direct importer from the major mining countries such as Brazil, Africa, and Sri Lanka etc. Hence, Our Prices are very reasonable as compared to other Wholesale Dealers, Suppliers and Exporters.
Bulk Inventory: - There is another way to gives beneficial quality for shopping with us, we have bulk inventories according to your requirement.
Testing labs: -. We work in ultra-modern technology with skilled labours. To meet the international standards, the complete making process from beginning to the final finishing, each piece undergoes tough testing in our testing labs.
Customer Service: - We have an excellent and friendly customer support service team. The team members have sound knowledge to understand the customer’s problems and requirements, our team members professionally and honestly answer all your questions and help you according to customer’s feasibility.
Rasav Gems work as manufacturing & importing company that produces various kinds of Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones all over the world. We are specialized in natural gemstones, they are of high quality, calibrated, matching pairs, and gemstone Lots, cabochons, carved stones, loose stone, color change gemstones and many more. We work in ultra-modern technology with skilled labours. To meet the international standards, the complete making process from beginning to the final finishing, each piece undergoes tough testing in our testing labs. If you want to buy online gemstones has a superb collection of gemstones like Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby, Cat’s eye, Red Coral and others. We have, Now more than 10,000 products available on our website.
In this way, next time you plan to purchase or wear a gemstone, the best thing you can do is to get it online and from which store? Well, we trust you know where to reach now :)