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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

African amethyst, The Finest amethyst

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Royal color of African amethyst makes it desirable and can be compared to the most exquisite of purple crystals. Therapy by African amethyst or carrying it close to you has been beneficial to many people worldwide.

African amethyst gives strength and mental stability. African amethyst provides balance between one's physical, psychological and emotional states. While opening the third eye, African amethyst works on the sixth and seventh chakra, and enhances awareness and context. African amethyst is a crystal whose powerful healing properties can be explained as calming and revolutionizing. Any person can have benefits by having African amethyst close by, as it is also a highly protective crystal. African amethyst is believed to bring tranquility and calm, to enhance one's ability to grasp new ideas. African amethyst can make one canny about business matters. Many people have used amethyst as their lucky charm and have been prospered.

African amethyst helps to assist during meditation. African amethyst have a useful energy that will remove negative energy from your ambiance. African amethyst is an excellent stone for those who experience insomnia and nightmares. African amethyst protects our mind from mental attacks, and helps to transform negative thinking into positive thinking. African amethyst brings great advantage in the overall growth of your spirituality and health. While meditating with African amethyst, it will aid your mind to relax. African amethyst bring increased spiritual gifts and supports you to strengthen spiritual power. African amethyst encourages change of bad habits into good. African amethyst relieves uneasiness, panic, annoyance, restlessness and increases firmness, inner energy and mental strength. African amethyst promotes spiritual awareness and wisdom. African amethyst promotes a higher state of consciousness. Amethyst also provides a wonderful and peaceful energy for meditation. African amethyst is a beautiful stone to have in any part of the home as the energy of African amethyst is so helpful. Having a piece of African amethyst in the bedroom will promote restful sleep and peaceful dreaming.

African amethyst is sufficiently durable and can be worn with conviction without worry. Earrings, rings or a lovely pendant, necklace or other jewelry made from African amethyst looks very beautiful and charming. You can enhance your jewelry ensemble by adding some accessories made by African amethyst. African amethyst will help for your over-all growth whether it is spiritual growth, mental growth or physical growth.

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