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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ametrine The Gemstone of Perfect Amalgamation

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Well, because the Ametrine gemstone is created by the blend of the two most beautiful and pleasing gemstones namely-

1.      Amethyst

2.      Citrine

The fact, behind the name Ametrine lies in the perfection with which this stone is blended to create a beauty that leaves the onlookers mesmerized. The stone appears as if the extremely gorgeous color has been merged with the royal golden to give the glimpse of light passing through the beautiful stone. The bicolor yellow and purple quartz gemstone is called Ametrine and with this gem in hand, you can have both gem colors for the price of one! Undoubtedly, the gemstone is especially inexpensive when you consider that it comes from only one mine in the world. 

A Walk into the History-

According to a legend, the Ayoreo Indian tribe of eastern Bolivia knew about this bicolor quartz crystal over 500 years ago. Perhaps the earliest formal documentation of natural quartz crystals with zonal coloring of purple and yellow is in a 1925 issue of American Mineralogist. These were basal sections of quartz crystals with color sectors alternating between purple and yellow.

The Present and Future are Better than Any Past- Here’s How!

The past states that the loose ametrine gemstone beads were considered to be the best of their kinds, considering their beauty, precision and perfection. However, if you take a look into the present and the expected future, you will see that this fantabulous gemstone has a lot more to display than mere beauty. Though one just cannot ignore the perfection that it casts on the jewelry that is made using this gemstone, yet there’s a lot more to look into, especially if you consider other features other than just beauty. The characteristics of the gemstone make it the perfect stone to cure ailments and to bring prosperity to the house. Now what more can one ask for?

Planning to buy a few Ametrines? We’ll tell you how.

You’ll come across a lot of stress online as well as the ones having a physical address, who’ll promise you the best ametrines, but it is recommended that you do a little research before finalizing the one that not only manufactures but also provides you a fantastic range of  the gemstone, at an affordable cost. With your research and analysis you will be able to decipher that the best store to meet all your expectations is none other than Rasavgems, the ultimate destination to purchase certified loose Ametrine gemstones. Rasavgems are the wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers of the highest quality gems and they live to make the expectations of the customers come real. 

So what’s it that you’re waiting for? Go head straight to your room, pick the laptop and order a few ametrine gemstones for yourself from their online store Rasav gems - Buy Ametrine. It’s not only a gem that you’re choosing, rather you’re choosing a piece of fantastic beauty.

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