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Friday, July 8, 2016

Black Onyx Stone of protection

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Onyx was a popular gemstone since ancient times. Onyx was used by Romans and Greeks. Onyx got its name from Greek word onux which means 'fingernail'. Onyx is related with quartz group. Onyx has parallel banding. Onyx is found in Australia, India, Mexico, Argentina, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, the USA and Uruguay. Onyx's banding is parallel. Onyx offers a wide range of colors.

Black onyx is a solid black form of onyx. Black onyx is a well-known gemstone. Black onyx is a very charming and fashionable gemstone. Black onyx is usually seen in cabochon shape. Black onyx said to have energies of protection. Black onyx is a versatile gemstone. Black onyx is basically related to Saturn. Black onyx increases stamina. Black onyx gives strength to kidneys and heart. Black onyx helps you to control your temper. If you want to have more sharp senses, then Black onyx is the best gemstone for you. Black onyx motivates you to get rid of mental stress. Black onyx promotes self-control. Black onyx helps you to forget the bad memories of past and also helps to bring positivity in personal relationships. Black onyx heals the emotional wounds and enhances your inner strength. Black onyx is a symbol of purity. Black onyx is famous for absorbing all the negative energies from aura. Black onyx can also be useful in the birth of a child. Black onyx heals the disorders related to skin, eyes, nerves, teeth and hair. Black onyx enhances the power of intuition. Black onyx is also known to promote one's psychic abilities. If you want to get rid of your bad habits or addictions, then black onyx is the best gemstone for you. Black onyx helps you to grab good communication skills. By keeping a piece of black onyx with you, you can have a good and calm sleep. Black onyx also heals the diseases related to liver and kidney. Black onyx improves intelligence and strengthens your spirituality. Black onyx also helps to release ego which harms you. Black onyx encourages happiness. Black onyx is generally the gemstone for those who have strong personalities. Black onyx encourages to be focused in one’s self.

Black onyx is available in different sizes in the market. Due to affordability, black onyx has become a buyer’s choice. Black onyx can be best set in silver. Black onyx can also be beautifully used with pearls. Black onyx is a very popular gemstone for making jewelry. Black onyx can be worn around neck, ankles and even wrists. Black onyx is also used to make cameos. Black onyx is being used to make rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. By wearing black onyx, you can feel the amazing benefits.

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