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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Blue Aquamarine Designer’s favorite gemstone

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family. Aquamarine is a blue to green-blue variety of beryl. The blue color of aquamarine is a divine, eternal color, because it is the color of the sky. Blue Aquamarine is a mesmerizing beautiful gemstone. In ancient times, Aquamarine was considered as a lucky stone to ensure sailors a safe return and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection. Aquamarine has good hardness and a wonderful shine.

Blue aquamarine is associated with the Throat chakra. Our personal truth can be out into the world if our throat chakra is open and balanced and the blue aquamarine helps us in the same. Blue aquamarine motivates to overcome the fear of speaking. Blue aquamarine is an excellent stone for presenters and teachers. Blue aquamarine protects the aura and aligns the chakras. Blue aquamarine stones help to heighten your courage. Blue aquamarine increases intelligence. Blue aquamarine make an individual youthful. Blue aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people. Blue aquamarine encourages tolerance and honesty. Blue aquamarine's color relaxes your body. Blue aquamarine treat your ears, mouth and allergies. Kidneys can be strengthened by blue aquamarine. Blue aquamarine is a wonderful stone for meditation. Blue aquamarine inspires judgmental people to be more tolerant. Blue aquamarine enables the expression of truth. Blue aquamarine is a stone of honesty, beauty, courage, and loyalty. Blue aquamarine is helpful to those who are on a way of revelation. Blue aquamarine promotes the ability for rapid response. When blue aquamarine is placed on the solar plexus, it calms nervous spasms. Blue aquamarine has the power to reawaken the love in married couples. Blue aquamarine can heal your heart, throat, thymus and immune system. Blue aquamarine helps to deal with difficult emotions and grief.

Blue aquamarine is a popular gem which is easy to wear, moderately priced, and growing in popularity and demand. By having blue aquamarine in your aura, you will begin to open your awareness on all levels. Blue aquamarine have many positive effects on the wearer. Blue aquamarine is a charming gemstone that complements almost any skin or eye color. Blue aquamarine is the all-time favorite gemstone of women the world over. Blue aquamarine stone are exceptionally popular as earrings. Gemstones designers are very inspired by Blue aquamarine because this gemstone allows them to create new artistic cuts everytime. Designers call it their favorite gemstone.


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