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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blue Iolite Stone of third eye chakra

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

The qualities which make Iolite famous, are their durability and affordability. Major deposits of Iolite are in Brazil but it also found in Burma, India, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Iolite has a chemical composition of magnesium aluminium silicate.

Blue iolite is mainly associated with the third eye chakra and helps us to utilize its benefits. Blue iolite clears and activates the third eye chakra which helps us to get aware of the world and to easily communicate. Blue Iolite controls the flow of energy of all the chakras. Blue iolite is a perfect stone for those people who suffer from distraction and disorientation. Blue iolite brings harmony in all relationships. Blue iolite treats skin disorders and sleep disorders. Blue iolite helps us to adapt new dreams, visions and ideas. Blue iolite promotes the good management of money and helps to get rid of debt. Blue iolite motivates to achieve higher knowledge and awareness. Blue iolite also helps to overcome addictions like alcohol etc. Blue iolite stimulates the spiritual growth and memory. Blue iolite can transform negativity into positivity. Blue iolite is an excellent stone for tarot readers and astrologers. Blue iolite maintains a good link between the heart and mind. Blue iolite is very helpful in opens one's psychic abilities. Blue iolite can also be helpful for those who want to access information from their previous lives. Blue iolite is a best gemstone for astra travel. Blue iolite aligns and balances the chakras. Blue iolite brings a feeling of luxury and nobility. Blue iolite inspires us to achieve our goals and to do great deeds. Blue iolite helps to bring your imaginations into reality. Blue iolite enhances your visionary abilities. Blue iolite gives you power to live that life which you dream of. By keeping Blue iolite in your aura, you will feel amazing changes. Blue iolite is highly beneficial in developing intuition. Blue iolite helps in calming and energizing your mind. Blue iolite also maintains sobriety. Blue iolite aids headaches and gives strength to the whole system of body. Blue iolite is a very good stone for people who are indulge in heavy physical activities or are in the field of sports. Blue Iolite is also referred as a strong "Shaman" stone.

Blue iolite can be worn in the form of jewelry or you can keep a piece of it in your pocket to experience its benefits. Blue iolite isused to make pendants, necklaces and earrings because they are worn close to the third eye chakra and throat chakra.

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