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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brazilian Emerald Precious stone from beryl group

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Emerald's fine quality makes it more valuable than diamonds. Emerald is harder than quartz and softer than diamond, ruby or sapphire. Emerald is a brittle stone. Emeralds are mined in Brazil, Zambia, Pakistan, Russia, Madagascar, Indiana and many other locations. The fine quality of emerald comes from Colombia. Emeralds are absorbent like opals. Emeralds are considered as most desirable and valuable gemstones available. Hardness of emerald protects it from scratches. The green color of emerald is a symbol of spring and new life.

Emerald was found in Brazil around 1920. Brazil has deposits in Minas, Gerais, Goias and Bahia. Brazilian emeralds are lighter than the Colombian ones. Brazil also delivers emerald cat's eyes and remarkably rare emeralds with a six-ray star. Brazilian emeralds said to have very bright and lighter shade of green. Brazilian emerald is related with Heart Chakra. Brazilian emerald strengthens communication. Brazilian emerald encourages understanding and bonding. Brazilian emerald enhances mental clarity and memory. Brazilian emerald has many special qualities. Brazilian emerald is a perfect stone for recovery. Brazilian emerald attracts prosperity. Brazilian emerald prevents infections and diseases. Brazilian emerald offers a sense of harmony. Brazilian emerald enhances calmness and creativity. Brazilian emerald promotes healthy memory. Brazilian emerald gives courage to follow heart's wisdom. Brazilian emerald removes blocks in the way of progress. Brazilian emerald is a very good stone for reviving passion. Brazilian emerald promotes emotional and spiritual balance. Brazilian emerald can regulate blood pressure also. Depression and many other problems, alleviates by Brazilian emerald. Brazilian emerald can increase energy level in the body. Brazilian emerald reduces problems of heart and increases concentration. Brazilian emerald is very beneficial for creative people and sportsmen. Brazilian emerald is very helpful in relieving claustrophobia. Brazilian emerald is being used to soothe the eyes. Brazilian emerald is a stone of recovery and regeneration. Digestive and nervous system can be treated by Brazilian emerald. Brazilian emerald is a stone of great intuition, inspiration and vision. Brazilian emerald also relieves skin irritations. Brazilian emerald promotes self-esteem. Brazilian emerald embodies unconditional love.

Brazilian emeralds are perfect and popular gemstones for most types of jewelry because of their charming color. Brazilian emeralds can be beautifully set in pendants and rings. Brazilian emeralds are used to cut in many classical shapes. Brazilian emeralds are an excellent choice for first-time buyers. Square-cut Brazilian emeralds are generally used in engagement rings. By keeping Brazilian emerald at workplace, brings success in new ventures.

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