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Thursday, December 15, 2016

What About Carnelian

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby


Carnelian is also known as Cornelian, it is normally used as a semi-precious stone. Carnelian is a variety of Silica mineral and its chemical formula is – SiO2 (silicon oxide).  It is commonly found in Siberia, Brazil, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, and Germany. Carnelian is known as “Stone of Action”; it will increase your energy and motivate you to achieve your goal. Its effect is not temporary it will hold that energy till the end. This also has the power to remove the power of other stones. It will surely assist you to get your goals. 

It is brownish red in colour and its colour varies according to the presence of iron oxide in the stone. It is also available in red, orange, pink and brown colour.

Its hardness on Mohs scale varies from 6 to 7.

It is not too hard to find this stone. Its appearance is: sometimes water worm or tumbled, transparent pebble and small.

•   PHYSICAL HEALING PROPERTIES: It improves the digestion power of your small intestine, through which your body gets the proper amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients which lead to better blood circulation. It assists in minimizing the skin irritation, boils, phlebitis, hemorrhoids, and varicose veins. It also helps in getting relief from lower back pain and depression. It also improves your overall physical health by breaking bad physical habits like smoking, drinking, and other drugs.


•    EMOTIONAL HEALING PROPERTIES: This stone protects you from the emotional drama, rage, and envy. It is an energy producing stone and this energy is stable too, it will increase your meditation and concentration power which will lead you to the success. This stone eases jealousy and possessiveness in the relationships, is beneficial in overcoming eating disorder or sexual anxieties.

POSITION: It is one of the important things which you should know about your gemstone, that where you should place it or in which conditions its effect will increase or decrease. You can either use it in the necklace, Pendant or ring. This stone will give its best when it is direct in touch to your skin. Its effectiveness will increase if it is combined with blue colour stone.

It is for more beneficial for Zodiac sign: Taurus and Leo. Before purchasing your Stone it is necessary to know all about all the important aspects of your stone. There are so many cases of fraud happen daily all over the world, so before finalizing it is important to know about your supplier. It is the high-risk investment and we suggest you to buy it from trusted one.


Here at Rasav gems, we are committed to the guarantee of purity and originality of our gemstones, since 1976.

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