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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Let the Power of the Universe be Yours with the Cats Eye Gemstone in Your Home

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Identification of the gemstone-

The cat’s eye gemstone is often confused with other gemstones like topaz, golden beryl, and tourmaline. It has a very distinguished and clear feature which can be easily identified. Generally green in color and sometimes brownish and gray, this gemstone is extremely wonderful in its varied hues. Available in little brighter and lighter shades like pink and sometimes even violet, you can definitely add this gem to any form of jewelry. Bright yellow is among the most common colors available in cat’s eye of transparent feature. It is also available in colorless form with white, pink, red, yellow, orange and greenish shades. The worth of the stone is directly dependent on the color shade it contains. It is generally considered translucent when viewed in enough light. It is extremely desirable and a rare gemstone.

Role of the Gemstone-

Cat’s eye is a well-known and popular gemstone as it carries a very powerful energy. It cures some of the very serious mental and physical problems. It is not considered a distinctive birthstone for any typical sun sign nor it offers any zodiac or planetary purposes yet it helps in some specific areas by emitting a powerful and positive energy and vibes. The wider range of its colors available imparts beautiful aura around the possessor of the precious gemstone. Each color helps you with particular areas and interests of life.  It also provides numerous solutions related to your past and present difficulties. That is the reason it is sometimes referred as the problem solver gemstone. The gemstone also provides a sense of inspiration and generates purpose of life that most of the time remains hidden to people. It is a strong crystal that holds power and energy of universe that cleanses and purified the atmosphere around you.

Health Benefits & Associations

Medically, cat’s eye is used for treating glaucoma and cataracts also. Moreover, it lightens pain of shoulders, neck, head, chest and other body parts.

Despite being the rare and precious gemstone, cat’s eye has remained in huge demand with the lovers of gemstone especially ones who are familiar with its true worth. Getting high quality is tough as it is not easily available with local jewelers. Rasav gems is undoubtedly the one stop destination if you are in search of this magnificent gemstone as it gives you all the valid chances to add stars to your beauty by being embellished in your jewelry.

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