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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Interesting facts and properties of Citrine

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

The results are evident and sometimes unbelievable. As it also attracts the positive energy and good fortune just like other stones, it is virtuous to bring it home.

The name Citrine is a French word, which is acquired from its color, the yellow of the lemon, as in French the yellow color is known as Citron. Initially its name was yellow quartz; the name “citrine” was officially adopted for this stone in 1556. During the Hellenistic age this gem gained popularity in Greece as a decorative gem. In 17th century this gem is also used in Scottish weapons. Again because of Queen Victoria’s infatuation about gems, Citrine became popular in Greece in fact it became a trend there.

The stone leads a good popularity because of its crystal clear appearance and it is also immune from the scratches as it possesses the hardness 7 when followed by Mohs scale of hardness. Topaz and citrine are birthstones for November. Along with this, citrine is also used as the gem that commemorates the thirteenth wedding anniversary.

Commonly, Citrine has two main colors Yellow and Gold. The two of them have different properties and effects. The yellow color of it brings new energy in life, and empowers the new relationships and interests. Its light gives new ways to life and relationships, as it helps to concentrate on the
desires of the person or the group one getting to know. 

Whereas the golden color of it is known as king and queen’s stone. It is a rich source of power, success and enthusiasm. According to researches the most selling colors of it, are deep, brownish and reddish orange along with yellow and golden. The finest citrine is free from brownish tints and has a saturated yellow to reddish orange color.

This is found in many different sizes and so it’s easily used for any type of jewelry. The standard size and shape of the crystal can be carved in unusual cuts for fashion jewelry and other decorative pieces, although the typical work is not so common among the jewelers, it is only done by high end manufacturers.

Natural Citrine is very rare, and the available Citrine on market is treated. Some of the amethysts are processed with heat and as a result they change their pale violet color to alluring yellow. A trace of Iron in its structure is responsible for its yellow to orange color.

The unmatched properties and beautiful color of this crystal made it one of the most desirable and in demand gem. It has become one of the prior choices of the customers because of its durability and availability of colors. It is always suggested to buy every gemstone from a trusted and well known manufacture or retailer, because buying a gem is a big and one time investment.

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