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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dendrite opal The lucky charm

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

In the middle ages, this stone was conceived as a lucky charm. It was also said that if this stone is covered in bay leaf then it would provide the hub with the ability of dissipation. The Dendrite opal is also called as a ‘stone of relation’, which helps in decrepitating the relation and also helps you to create a bond between you and your close ones. It is for those who born in the month of October.

Facts about this stone

It is made up of Silicon or magnesium oxide within 10 to 20% of water in it. Its chemical formula is SiO2-nH2O. The hardness of Dendrite opal varies in between 5.5 and 6.5 according to Mohs hardness scale, it is not too hard in nature so it needs extra care, as it can be easily scratched and damaged. Around 95% of Dendrite opal is extracted from the Australia’s earth. And remaining 5% of the stone we got from Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Japan and United states (Idaho and Nevada). 

Colors of Dendrite opal

Like other Opals, Dendrite opal also does not show any color. But it has some characteristics like it has milky to brownish color, consisting dark green with contrasting comprehension. Milky white is one of the most coveted colors.

Healing properties of dendrite opal

•    Dendrite opal has massive power of depression releasing and it also helps the wearer to get real love. It assists the mind of the wearer to forget the bad experiences of the past lives.

•    It consists of the power of increasing the beauty wearer. It beautifies the hair, skin and nails too. It assists in maintaining the blood pressure of the user. It treats the entire problem related to stress, anger, headache, negativity and jealousy too.

•    It works best for those who have step family members in their family, like stepparents and child. Just place this stone in the house and let it do its work, it will provide the positivity and release all the tension and negativity from everyone’s mind, which will lead to the result of good chemistry between all.

How to take care of your stone

·        As it contains around 20 to 30% water in it, it will be dehydrated easily if it is placed in hot place. So always place it in an air tight plastic bag with a piece of cotton cloth.

·        We have seen above that it is not too hard, so it is easily breakable; never place this stone with other jewelry.

·        Always clean this stone with the soft cloth.

Always buy original gemstone for it to work the best for you. For being ensured of the quality and purity of the stone visit Rasav Gems- the most trusted brand of gemstones.

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