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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Buy loose Emerald online

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Rightly so Emeralds are associated with green colour, the colour of Nature. Emerald is prone to damage though it is fairly high on scale of hardness. The hardness level of Emerald is around 7.8/8 on Mohs scale.


The ancient civilizations were fascinated with the colour of Emeralds. Egyptians believed it to be the symbol of green rejuvenation during spring and recognized it for fertility, rebirth and ease of pregnancy. Romans found it to be eye soother who used to stare at Emeralds to relieve tired eyes. Green being the colour of Roman goddess for love and beauty, Venus was believed to have healing powers of coping with stress, removal of depression, enhancing mental clarity and doing away of evil spirits. It is gifted to the couples celebrating their 55th. Year of togetherness

The mineral Beryl is colourless but the inclusions of Chromium and Vanadium make it an Emerald. As a saying goes that one’s character is as an emerald-multifaceted and enhanced by inclusions. Aquamarine and Morganite also trace their origin to Beryl. Emerald is glorified with the help of Chromium while Iron deposits in Beryl result in an Aquamarine. Though belonging to same mineral family there is a vast difference between the values of Emerald and Aquamarine. 

Like other Precious Gemstones, Emerald is also judged by 4 c’s : Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight. Prior to 20th.Century, term water was used for combined description of cut and clarity of Emerald. Here under we shall discuss the 4 c’s in context to Emerald.

Colour: Here like other coloured precious stones colour is Numero Uno factor to decide the value of an Emerald. The colour is judged by three factors, hue, saturation and tone. Emeralds have green as basic hue while blue and yellow are secondary hues.


Clarity: An Emerald without inclusion in more expensive than a Diamond of same size and weight. Clarity in an Emerald is another prerequisite for value-enhancement. Black-Yellow spots, cracks, micaceons, holes, dichorism etc. are few examples of inclusions in an Emerald.


Carat Weight: Carat weight has a considerable weight age in ascertaining the value of an Emerald. An Emerald with bigger size is likely to fetch higher price. Emeralds of fine quality in big sizes are rare and are pricey.


Cut: An Emerald is perhaps the only gemstone which has a cut named on it. Though, Octagon in shape, it is called Emerald Cut as it adds to the beauty of stone. Emerald can be faceted, cabochons, beads, drop, carving etc. Cut stones are most expensive while Cabochons & Beads follow in terms of value.


Emeralds are treated to boost its colour, clarity and transparency. Two popular methods of treating Emeralds are Oil treatment and vacuum treatment. Treatments are done to add more clarity to the stone but treated Emeralds are less in value in comparison to natural ones

Though top quality emeralds are mined in different places such as Zambia, Brazil, Columbia Zimbabwe etc. around the world but Jaipur in Rajasthan, India is famous worldwide for cutting and polishing of Emeralds.

Rasav Gems is a name to reckon with when it comes to providing masterpieces of Emeralds to buyers. Rasav Gems has an excellent infrastructure and competent work force to create masterpieces of Emeralds. Rasav Gems is revered for dealing only in Natural gemstones. The most competitive price range of quality Emeralds offered by when you buy loose emeralds online is tempting and irresistible to avoid. Emeralds are a part of precious gemstones family and one has to invest fortune to buy it. Any error in interpretation can lead to a huge loss. So, it is advisable to rely on a reputed website like when you buy loose Emeralds online. 

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