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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Buy Garnet online

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Garnet is derived from Latin name ‘Granatum’ meaning Pomegranate owing to similarity of its granular varieties with seeds of fruit. Garnet is serving mankind since very ancient times. In united Czechoslovakia it reminisces of its use during Bronze Age. Egypt has a history of Garnet use for 5,000 years. Garnets existed between 1000 to 2100 B.C. in Sumeria and Sweden.

Being a warrior stone Garnet was used as an amulet by both warring groups Christians and Muslims during Crusades. Modern Technology has found Garnet uses in watch gears, sand paper and abrasives along with scientific instruments along with as traditional ornamental gemstone.

A gemstone of medium hardness of 6.5-7.5 on Mohs scale of hardness is basically belongs to silicate minerals family. Garnet is found all over the world. Apart from its trade mark color ‘Red’ it is available in almost all colors that come to one’s imagination. Garnet is also known as anti depressant gemstone. It is a durable and versatile stone. An ideal gift option, Garnet is found in many species of which prominent few are briefed as below:

Almandines:  Almandines are a mixture of dark red and violet colors. This mix is due to iron and aluminum inclusion in the stone. Found mostly in Sri Lanka is often referred to ‘Ceylon Ruby’. Almandines with violet color in prominence are known as ‘Syrian Garnet’ originating from Pegu Myanmar.

Pyropes: Pyropes are deep red to black in color. This color is attributed to presence of magnesium and aluminum. Its popular variety known as Rhodolites can be sourced from North Carolina and a blend of violet and red color wise. Pyropes are color changing Garnet which gives different color views in day light and luminescent light. 

Spessartines: Under the influence of manganese and aluminum Spessartines are violet/red to orange/yellow in color. Found in Madagascar only orange/yellow Spessartines are dubbed as Mandarin Garnet. The other locations of its sourcing are Australia, Myanmar, India, Afghanistan, Israel, Tanzania and USA.

Amdradotes: A multi colored Garnet is found in red yellow brown green black etc. Calcium and Iron are the color determining agents. Found in Italy Arizona, California and Ukraine along with Ural Mountains in Russia. Amdradotes found in Ural Mountains are green in color and are touted as Dermantoid. It also carries Nick name of ‘the emerald of Ural’ owing to its rich green color. Dermantoids, sporting a flaw of yellow feather resembling horse’s tail are the most expensive ones, 

Grossular garnets: Along with regular colors of Garnet Grossular garnet comes in a unique and gracious cinnamon brown color. The color determining agents in Grossular garnets are calcium and aluminum. The regular variety of Grossular known as hessonite is found in Siberia of Kenya and hessonites derived from Tsavo region of Kenya are known as Tsavorites.

Uvarovites: Calcium and Chromium inclusions give a green color to Uvarovites which is named after Count Uvarov a Russian diplomat. Basically found in Russia Uvarovites can be sourced in Canada, Northern Europe and Northwest Australia too.

When you want to buy Garnet online always go for a vendor who deals in Natural certified gemstones. When you buy Garnet online it is advisable to compare the prices and buy Garnet online from a vendor offering competitive prices. When you buy Garnet online go for the vendor with maximum range of products on offer.

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