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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Green amethyst

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

In mineral collection, some of the quartz crystals known as prasiolite stones which acquire light green color after having heat treatment, such stones are classified as Green Amethyst and is one of the most beautiful semi precious stones.

Green amethyst makes us feel safe and symbolize fertility and growth. Green amethyst carries the same energies as Amethyst. Green amethyst which is known to open the Third-Eye chakra, Crown chakra, and Etheric Chakras can increase your sense of sympathy and love towards other people. Green amethyst is a spiritual stone and has a purifying and protective nature. A green amethyst endorses you to open your heart to the world. Green amethysts increase your aura of self love and compassion. Green amethyst helps to connect the path between physical and spiritual world. Green amethyst is a stone of metamorphic energies. Green amethyst transforms negative energy to positive and does not release it to the atmosphere. Green amethyst is able to magnify energy. By using green amethyst you can bring prosperity to your life.

Green amethyst and heart share a strong connection. Green amethyst is basically chakra healing stones which help your body to function properly. Green amethyst aids the endocrine glands also. Along side other crystals green amethyst is especially good for using in meditation. Green Amethyst inspires creativity, attracting success and abundance. Green amethyst helps to balance emotions. Positivity given by green amethyst can increase self confidence. Green amethyst brings good fortune and luck. People who have confidence issues, green amethyst is great for them.

Green Amethyst Pendants can be worn to secure spiritual energies and physical healing. Green amethyst pendants are possibly the most powerful option as we can keep them very close to heart. Green amethyst can treat the mind by increasing your willpower. If you carry green amethyst stones in your purse or you place it in your house or place of work then it will attract more money into your life. Green amethyst helps to overcome from physical pain throughout your body. If you are suffering from previous emotional upsets, green amethyst will help you to recover from grudges and help you in emotional healing. The powers of green amethyst can protect you from yourself. By wearing a green amethyst you can get rid of addictive personality. When you will include the green amethyst (powerful healing crystals) in your life you will notice that passion, self confidence, willpower, self-love, prosperity, success, abundance, balanced-body, positivity in life and love will soon follow.


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