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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Green Onyx Stone of Mercury

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Onyx got its name from Greek word onux which means 'fingernail'. Onyx has been famous since ancient times among Romans and Greeks.

Green onyx is a mixture of green color and onyx. Green onyx is a secondary gemstone (Upratna). Green onyx is a naturally obtained gemstone. Green onyx is associated with the planet mercury. Mercury is related to intelligence and brainpower, hence, green onyx enhances these qualities. Green onyx is a great attractor to positive energies and also dispels negative energies. Green onyx is a wonderful stone for all the Chakras. Green onyx is a soothing gemstone because it alleviates fears and worries. If you want to enhance your communication skills, then green onyx is best for you. Green onyx boosts self-confidence. Green onyx also encourages concentration and courage. Green onyx makes you feel comfortable in your surroundings and with yourself. Green onyx is a great healer to stabilize emotions. Green onyx connects you with the heart chakra and help in increasing your strength and stamina. Green onyx is a protector of heart. Green onyx brings good fortune, joy and happiness in one's life. Green onyx protects from any harm and motivates peace and harmony in life. Green onyx is also known to enhance intimacy, sexuality and sensuality. People who are suffering from stress and old traumas, can definitely get healed with green onyx. By wearing a green onyx, one can improve his confidence level, public-speaking ability and will be capable of taking wise decision. Green onyx treats impotence, abdomen-related diseases, nervous breakdown, leucoderma and skin diseases. Green onyx maintains blood pressure and also heals disorders related to eyes and nose. Green onyx can enhance your creativity. Green onyx motivates you to express yourself, your thoughts, feelings and views freely. Green onyx also promotes unconditional love. Green onyx can relieve not only physical stress but mental stress also. Green onyx helps its wearer to be more impressive and confident. Green onyx can let you have a sharp memory and will also help to learn new things. Green onyx is also being used to treat ulcers. Green onyx is highly useful for writers, teachers, architects, scientists, businessmen, property dealers, astrologers, publishers and doctors.

By wearing green onyx, one can boost his/her career growth. Green onyx can be worn in the form of rings and pendants. Green onyx is also being used in making sculptures. Keep a green onyx in your aura and get a good luck.

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