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Friday, July 8, 2016

Green Tourmaline

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

In the mineral world, Tourmaline is among the most versatile gemstones. Tourmaline is also called as "gemstone of the rainbow because of its rainbow colors. Tourmaline is a very unique and rare gemstone. Tourmaline got it name form Singhalese words 'tura mali' which means 'stone with mixed colors'. Tourmalines are generally found throughout the world. Major deposits of Tourmaline are in South and south-west Africa, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Some other deposits of Tourmaline are in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Availability of Tourmaline, make it a popular gemstone.

Green Tourmaline gemstone is also called as verdelite. Green Tourmaline is a stone for Heart Chakra which encourages vitality and strength. Green Tourmaline also balances Heart Chakra and also removes blockages. Green Tourmaline harmonizes all the chakras. Color of Green Tourmaline varies from mint green, emerald green, medium green. Green Tourmaline gets electrically charged if it is rubbed or heated, this quality of Green Tourmaline makes it a popular gemstone. Green Tourmaline is a great emotional healer and helps to overcome emotional issues. Green Tourmaline turns negative energies into positive energies. Green Tourmaline promotes compassion and patience. Green Tourmaline helps to make one more expressive without fear. Green Tourmaline clams the mind and a soothing stone for sleep. Green Tourmaline is a great attractor of success, luck, prosperity and abundance. If you want to achieve your goal, then Green Tourmaline will surely help you. Green Tourmaline brings many opportunities. Green Tourmaline also inspires creativity. Green Tourmaline is a perfect stone for those who do high physical activities like athletes and sports persons because Green Tourmaline is best known for increasing stamina and energy level. Green Tourmaline regenerates cells and improves cellular functions. Green Tourmaline also improves nervous system. Green Tourmaline is highly beneficial for immune system and eyes. Green Tourmaline treats cancer and problems related to intestines. Green Tourmaline heals diseases related to heart. Green Tourmaline also reduces panic attacks and claustrophobia. If you want your life on track, or a venture on course, then get a Green Tourmaline soon. Green Tourmaline also helps in good meditation. Green Tourmaline relieves stress. Green Tourmaline protects the wearer from electromagnetic radiations. Green Tourmaline is a good source of Yin and yang energies. Green Tourmaline makes a connection between heart and mind. Green Tourmaline stimulates joy in your life. Green Tourmaline promotes kindness and clears sadness. Green Tourmaline provides peace and clears the aura.

Green Tourmaline can be greatly used with jewelry. Green Tourmaline can be worn in the form of pendants, brooch, beads and necklaces, it is the easiest way of keeping Green Tourmaline close to you. Jewelry made by Green Tourmaline is very easy to buy.

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