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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lapis Lazuli the stone of harmony

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

It came due to million years of a metamorphosis of lime to marble. The blue color is due to the content of sulphur in it and ranges from light blue to ultramarine.


Lapis Lazuli at a glance

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue colored gemstone, mined in major parts of Afghanistan & Pakistan. This gemstone is quite famous for its magnificent shining color. In middle ages, it was exported to Europe by grinding into pigment ultramarine. In Europe, the stone was quite famous for being used by many artists in paintings, clothing & for central figures. It is also known as Lapis which came from Arabic word mean "blue". 

 As of its wide use in paintings, jewelry, carvings, boxes, ornaments and statues, there is no doubt that Lapis lazuli is a versatile and popular gemstone which has shown extraordinary stability in the phase of fashion with its modest hardness.

Varieties of colors and shapes are available in gems and it is hard to get the real stone of your choice in market. So for your desired stone online shopping can be the best alternate. Just order your stone, receive it at your door step and enjoy wearing it.

Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli

·        It assists the thyroid and endocrine glands to determine their process. It solves the problem regarding blood pressure.

·        If your eye gets infected then place the stone in warm water and rub it to your eye. If this tone is heated in sunlight directly then it can cure injuries like skin problems and any type of insect bite. It also solves the problem of a migraine.

·        It may help you to develop your overall personality.

·        This stone will help to open the third eye chakra which will help in connecting to the spirit, like other blue stones it will also activate the throat chakra which leads you to the high communication power and you can easily put your views in front of others.

How to Clean Your Lapis Lazuli stone- Use soapy warm water to remove dust and impurities from your stone and gently clean the surface of your stone with soft cotton cloth. Never use harsh chemicals like hair spray, chemicals, and any other sprays over it. To polish your stone, use jewelry grinder with the silicon carbide belt. To save your stone from damage free always keep it in a safe place along with cotton cloth.

Buying a precious stone is one time investment, so get the original stone is vital. The original stone is necessary to get all the benefits of that. Rasav Gems is other name of originality, order your stone from here and secure yourself from any kind of fraudulence and bluff.

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