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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rare blue beauty Larimar

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

This rare blue color of the stone is due to silicate mineral pectolite which is found only in Dominican Republic, Caribbean. The Caribbean is a place where beautiful things like beaches and amber stone are found, this is the place where only precious stones are found. That’s why Larimar is also a precious stone. This stone was discovered in middle years of 1970s.



In 1974, this stone was unfolded by the Migual Mendez, and its name is associated his daughter’s name, “LARISSA”. To create the name LARIMAR, first, three letters of her daughter’s name are used- “Lar” and other three are the local sea’s name- “Mar” and then he created name Larimar.



This stone bestows a unique pattern of blue, blue-green and white color. Some of the stones contain a bit of grayish black and red-brown color, due to the presence of hematite in them. Its hardness varies between 5 and 7 according to Mohs hardness scale.

If your zodiac sign is Leo, then Larimar can be the ideal stone for you.

It is a spar stone which works for all type of Chakras from the heart chakras to the crown chakras, but these are beneficial especially for throat and heart chakras.


Healing properties

•  It helps to get relief from head, neck and chest pain. This stone will improve the power of treatment especially those who include heat, water, and light. It can cure high blood pressure and stress-related problems. It can also help to treat problems like rashes, hives, psoriasis, eczema etc.

•  It is the best stone for throat chakra.

•  It will remove hesitation and will make a person able to speak without fear, so enhances self confidence.


Care tips

•  It is important to clean stone within every 15 days; it improves the power of stone. To clean the impurities, soak stone in soapy water for some time and clean it from a soft-headed toothbrush after this clean stone with a soft clean cloth to avoid scratches.

•  To keep jewelry for last long, keep it away from lotions, hair sprays, and gels, because they reduce the shining of the stone and its life too.

•  Do not use jewelry while having steam bath or swim. Chlorine will decrease the effect of the stone. 


Now one biggest question arises, from where to buy stone and stone jewelry? To get the most appropriate stone one has to possess good knowledge about it and finding a trust worthy jeweler is equally vital. It is counseled to get your gemstone from Rasav Gems, as it has been serving the world with finest gems for years.

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