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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Stone of the new world Lemon quartz

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

A Natural color of quartz is not always the bright yellow it is the result of treatment, in which Amethyst, iron, and yellow quartz are heated at high temperature to get the beautiful and desired lemon yellow color.

This stone is called as a ‘stone of the new world’. The yellow color of the stone stands for optimism, well-being, creativity and organization.

Brazil is the country where Lemon Quartz's are mined in highest amount, while Africa, Canada, the united state and Europe are also the supplier of this stone.

Properties and benefits of Lemon quartz

·        The name of this stone is derived from its color, that’s why its color is one of the important factors in this stone. The color of the stone comes in ranges of saturations – from pale to vibrant. And on the basis of it, the value of stone is decided; more the saturated color more will be its value.

·        This stone is good at its hardness, according to Mohs scale of hardness it consists 7 hardness levels. It is hard enough to use in any type of jewelry, it can be worn in everyday life. This stone obtained as a translucent to transparent and glassy in luster.

·        This stone can be transformed in many shapes like emerald, oval, cushion, round, pear and trillion. The lesser transparent crystals are mostly used in bracelets, rings, and pendants.

·        The power of meditation will be at its highest if meditation is done with this stone, this stone forces you to focus on your dreams and goals. After using this stone you will become more focused and confident and you will be on the way to your dreams.

·        Lemon Quartz can be a good luck to you. It will serve you the baron through which your mental ability will increase and you will be able to clear your job interview, entrance exam, and any text exam easily. You will be able to think quick and fast. If you are facing any financial crises, then it might provide a way to get the money also.

·        To protect your babies and kids from the effect of electromagnetic rays just place this stone near them. It is also beneficial to keep this stone with other stones or minerals; it will help in balancing the energy emits from other stones.

How to care for your stone- Lemon quartz is too hard to clean, so ultrasonic cleaner or steamers are needed to clean it. Its color is too sensitive so never put this stone in sunlight or heat directly to maintain its color.

To enhance the color of Lemon quartz these stones are often used in silver or gold jewelry. For pure and most up to date jewelry keep visiting Rasav Here you will get all the necessary information and assistance about your gemstone. And from long they are well known and trusted suppliers 

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