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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Multi Color Ametrine One of the rarest in the world

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Ametrine is produced at only one mine in the world. The variance of color variation found in Ametrine is due to the presence of iron in different oxidation states within the crystalline structure. Each Ametrine has its combination of colors in a different pattern.

Multi color ametrine is an extremely energetic stone. Multi color ametrine is a special type of quartz with many beautiful colors. Multi color ametrine helps to enhance mental and spiritual clarity. Multi color ametrine also unites masculine and feminine energies. Multi color ametrine aids the autonomic nervous system and strengthens the immune system. Multi color ametrine stone works more on emotional as well as mental well-being. Multi color ametrine is the best stone to get rid of depression. Multi color ametrine helps to overcome bad habits. Multi color ametrine calms the mind by clearing stress and tension from the head.  Multi color ametrine cures headaches, pancreatic disorders, backache and alcoholism. Multi color ametrine helps to enhance spiritual growth. Multi color ametrine works on Solar Plexus Chakra and Crown Chakra. Multi color ametrine overcomes prejudice by enhancing compatibility and acceptance of others. Multi color stone leads to tranquility and peace. Healing energy of multi color ametrine releases negativity from within the aura, and helps you to release your addictions. Multi color ametrine can be used to enhance creativity and learning. Multi color ametrines is a lovely and beneficial tool to use in your life. Metaphysically, multi color ametrines are helpful for opening the Third Eye Chakra. Multi color ametrine also assist in removing blockages from body. Multi color ametrine brings clarity and strengthens concentration. Multi color ametrine alleviates allergies and digestive disorders. To enjoy the power of multi color ametrine, you need to place the Ametrine on your chest, where the Solar Plexus chakra is. Multi color ametrine assist you to connect with your higher self.

Ametrine is a very durable gemstone suited to a variety of jewelry uses. If you wear multi color ametrine jewelry, your acceptance of others enhances. When multi color ametrine get in contact with the skin, this crystal removes tension and eases depression. Jewelry made by multi color ametrine helps people to cleans tissue and the metabolism. Anyone who wears jewelry of multi color ametrine will feel calm and the stress will be a thing of the past. It is useful to keep a piece of multi color ametrine within your aura during each day. It is easy to buy jewelry made from multi color ametrine including lovely pendants and rings.


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