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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beautiful lime green Peridot

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Peridot fasti

From around thousands of years Peridot has been used as gemstone because of its various properties and benefits. Initially it was known as ‘Olivine’. Peridot gems are found from number of locations including Pakistan, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Ireland, Sri Lanka, and USA.

The name Peridot was derived from the French word ‘peritot’ which is derived from the Arabic word ‘Faridat’, which means Precious stone. Peridot is also known as ‘Peles tears’ and ‘poor man’s Emerald’.

Buying a gemstone is a onetime decision and it can be risky investment too. So it is better to buy it online because if you find that the stone is not of your choice you can return it easily. Online shopping comes along with many options too and it becomes easy to compare different websites for the price.

Benefits of Peridot

·  Peridot brings welfare and happiness; it increases the creative powers and helps to emerge several benefits from your work.

·  It provides you with both physical and emotional power. It gives you strength and makes you able to deal with bad experiences from past.

·  It also helps in getting rid of problems like depression, anger, fear, jealousy etc.

·  If you are facing some fear or feeling low, then this stone will help you in getting rid of such problems and give you strength and courage to face the challenges.

·   You can call it your lucky charm. It will bestow you luck.

·  Only positive energy will circulate after wearing the stone. It will take away all the negative energies from you and as a result only good things will happen to you.

·  It also helps in getting rid of liver and gall blander problems.

How to clean Peridot

Durability and care of a stone depend on its hardness which is measured by the Mohs scale. Peridot’s hardness is 6.5 to 7, this stone is strong enough to be used in jewelry. But it demands good care too, some of the care tips are-

·        Soapy water is the best option to clean your stone. Take a glass adds some mild shampoo or soap in it and then pour some hot water over it. Then place your stone in the solution for 5 minutes then take out the stone and rinse it, use the soft clean cloth to wipe your stone.

·        Never use steamer and ultraviolet cleanser to clean your stone.

·        It can be scratched and broken; do not put it with other jewellery. Place it in the separate box along with the soft cloth.

 If you’ll wear a pure and original stone only then you will be able to emerge all its benefits. Now you are not far away from the most trusted and known manufacturer and whole seller of valuable gemstones i.e. Rasav Gems. They are serving the world with the purest and guaranteed original stones for years. Have a safe and happy shopping with Rasav Gems.

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