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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Red Onyx Root Chakra stone

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

Onyx's banding is parallel. Onyx offers a wide range of colors. Onyx is similar to Agate. Onyx has same qualities as quartz. Onyx was very popular gemstone among ancient Romans and Greeks. Onyx is believed to have powers of protection. Onyx rich look make it a unique gemstone. Onyx is a very affordable stone. Onyx brings spiritual inspirations and removes negative thoughts. Onyx is a great healer to those who are suffering from stress and anxiety.

Red onyx is mainly related to the Root Chakra. Red onyx is popularly known for rejecting negativity. Red onyx is very useful in healing old trauma and injuries from the past which are affecting your present life. Red onyx blesses us to not feel jealous. Red onyx enhances self-control. Red onyx brings fortune and joy. Red onyx promotes you to take wise decisions. Red onyx dispels grief. Red onyx is also helpful in regeneration of cells. Red onyx increases concentration. Red onyx dispels confusion and tension. Red onyx promotes good strength. Red onyx soothes stress and nervousness. Red onyx also increases physical strength. Red onyx alleviates fears. Red onyx helps in maintaining positive views for life. Red onyx motivates one to understand his person strength. Red onyx helps to balance you emotionally. Red onyx is also known for protection. Red onyx gives protection from evil eyes and removes from negative energies from your aura. Red onyx guides for challenges of life and helps one to face them. Red onyx dispels unwanted energies and also controls excessive energy. Red onyx brings a feeling of relaxation. Red onyx can also bring harmony in life. Red onyx motivates calmness and peace of mind. Red onyx enhances your spiritual growth and helps you to connect with Divine powers. By wearing a red onyx, one can ensure success and good luck in life. Red onyx helps the wearer in many ways. Red onyx is a very good balancer of Yin and Yang energies. Red onyx heals the sorrows of past. Red onyx is also a healer to many disorders related to blood. Red onyx aids the problems related to bones. Red onyx brings stability in life.

Generally, Red onyx is used to set in silver. Red onyx has grabbed a good position in the jewelry market. Now, red onyx is being used in different kinds of jewelry pieces like pendant, bracelet or ring. Red onyx is also used to make cameos. Get a piece of red onyx soon to make betterment in your life.


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