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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rose Quartz Crystal

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby


For its lovely pink shade, it is named as Rose crystal. Rose Quartz is available in various shades of pink. It is also known as “Love crystal” because it is the symbol of love, passion, and peace. This stone is made for every type of love like self love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. This stone contains higher energy. This stone will not only give you the feeling of love but it will give you the inner warmth and self-esteem too. 

The Rose crystal resonates within both heart chakra and thymus chakra. It is highly effective in healing personal relations.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF ROSE QUARTZ: Rose is made up of silica and its chemical formula is SiO2. The formula of quartz crystal is as same as the Rock crystal, citrine, amethyst or any other quartz crystal. The hardness of the Rose crystal is 7 at the Mohs hardness scale. These Rose quartz crystals are usually found in Madagascar, Japan, India, and Brazil, as well as in South Dakota and South Africa in the USA.

The reason behind this cute pink color of the Rose Quartz is still a mystery, many other stones also have some pink shades but there is no other crystal like Rose Quartz. Some of the scientists say that the appearance of the pink color is due to the impurities present in stone in the form of magnesium, iron or titanium. Most of the stones are fairly opaque but some pieces can also be translucent or transparent. 


It is basically made for heart, so it will prevent you from heart attack and thrombosis, increase blood circulation, and strengthen the heart muscle. It is also believed that it will help you to solve problems like depression, insomnia, mental problems, and sexual dysfunction. It also improves the skin complexion.

There are time arises in every relation where we think our trust and harmony lowers down at that time Rose quarts can be the best choice it will restore all the feelings and make your relation smooth and unbreakable. It is very easy to use and can be easily available also.

To enhance the effect of your stone it should be clean within every 15 days with Luke warm water.

As we all know in today’s life it is not easy to live and lead stress-free life. So if you want to make your life worth living you must have a Rose Quartz with you. You can buy Rose stone as a decorative home piece while you can also wear it in any form like the pendant, earring, and bracelet.

They are easy to buy. They are the birthstone for January and May; they are wonderful as birthstone jewelry. You can choose the other form of the same stone-like rough rose quartz crystals or tumble stones; these are quite inexpensive and easily available.

If you feel the lack of love in your life, then you must go for Rose Quartz crystal. At Rasav Gems you can find many alluring designer pieces of this gemstone with 100 percent original crystals.

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