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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Various benefits of Spinel

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

If someone is anguish from the complications with muscles, bones and joints, this stone will help in speed up the recovery of these diseases. It also assists in arduous circumstances like divorce or job change, it increases the self-esteem. It helps the user in focusing on its goal, reduces stress and anxiety, and also detracts physical protuberance.

Spinel at a glance

Spinel is composed of aluminum magnesium oxide with chemical composition MgAl2O4. It is an everlasting gemstone and it is precious because of its benefits and beauty. This stone is available in many colors like red, blue, violet, brown, green, and black. Sometimes it is opaque, but mostly it is transparent to translucent. Because of its color, hardness, and brilliance, this stone is preferred by everyone.

The name of the stone is either derived from the Latin word ‘Spina’ which known as ‘thorn’ or from the Greek word ‘Spinther’ which means ‘spark’. The Romans and Greeks considered this as a protective gemstone.

Natural Spinels are rare, so most of the sellers use synthetic stones which look like the original stone. But the powers of the natural gem are unmatched, so it is vital to choose a sought-after manufacturer or whole seller to fine the original one. You can go for online shopping also; you just need to collect some necessary information about the stone and the genuine manufacturer.

Benefits of Spinel in terms of their color

Varieties of colors are available in Spinel and each color consist unique properties and so different benefits. Here are the benefits of stone according to their color.

·         Red Spinel is linked with heart or Root chakra; it basically promotes vigor and physical vitality. It improves leadership and daring power.

·         Pink Spinel is beneficial for those who are suffering from strain and chronic diseases. Couples who are in long distance relationship or those who cannot be together physically can improve their attachment and love by giving this stone to each another.

·         Peach Spinel improves wearer’s self-confidence.

·         Blue Spinel promotes the third chakra; as a result user becomes more powerful in both mental and physical terms.

·         Brown Spinel helps in removing negative energy.

·         Violet Spinel helps in improving the communication power between generations like parents and grandparents.

·         Green Spinel promotes heart chakra; it makes the user emotionally strong whereas dark green Spinel is used to improve the luck.

·          Black Spinel helps in removing the emotional imbalance like anger, fear and grief.

·         Colorless Spinel balances the overall chakra system.

To grasp all the benefits of your chakra, it is essential to go for the real stone. So, it’s suggested not to trust any random supplier, always go for the trusted manufacturer. Rasav Gems is well known whole seller of pure and real gemstones and serving for many decades successfully.

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