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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Tanzanite The Stone of Creativity

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

In fact, Tanzania is the only country in the world where it mined in quantities. Though some other countries also mine Tanzanite it is found in small quantities in those places. Merelani, in Tanzania, is the place where Tanzanite was first searched in 1967 by local tribal shepherds.

Tanzanite, a blue version of Zoisite Gemstone was christened as Tanzanite by Tiffany & Co. a famous jewellery company in New York. Tanzanite composes of Calcium aluminium silicate and has a medium hardness of 6.6 to 7 on Mohs scale. Tanzanite has been grouped with Zircon and Turquoise as Gemstone for the persons born in the month of December. It is an ideal gift for the couples who celebrate 24 years of marital bond.  Tanzanite with its pronounced color setting ranging from Ultramarine blue to light violet-blue is an elegant gemstone which emanates an aura of unusualness and captivation.

The wearer of this gemstone display confidence and individualism as the gemstone’s color uniqueness. Tanzania provides virtues of communication and spirituality to the wearer. Being a rare gemstone it is very valuable and thus needs more care in handling or setting. Being a gemstone of medium hardness, it is vulnerable in nature and should be kept away from acidic substances and high temperatures. It should be stored in soft clothing like velvet to avoid scratches as the beauty of the stone is in its clarity. The more the clarity more the stone is virtuous.

Tanzanite being a rare and valuable gemstone needs a cautious approach when you buy loose Tanzanite online. When you buy loose Gemstone online, one is generally confronted with common difficulties such as disparity of colour shown online and one in hand. The buyer is doubt regarding the credibility of a seller. The terms and conditions are not explicit and are given in very fine print which is difficult to read. In case of any return, a high re-stocking fee is charged. The buyer is not aware of the significance of clarity, tone hue and saturation in Tanzanite.

To overcome these difficulties when you buy Tanzanite online here is a five-point solution kit: 


1. Who is Seller: The credibility of a vendor is very crucial and significant. If one is confronted with the fly by night operator, he is bound to not only loose hard earned money but will suffer the mental agony of being cheated.

2. Where is a seller from: generally buyers have a tendency to go for a native over an overseas company? It is prerogative of the buyer to choose his vendor when you buy loose Tanzanite online. Here too the credibility and goodwill of the vendor are vital. An online vendor whether domestic or foreign with established goodwill and credibility will never cheat its buyers. It will have in place all mandatory requirements according to a law of the place where it operates from and as per the regulations of the buyer’s country.

3. Testing: It is necessary to understand its importance. Why should the buyer choose a company that has a rich repertoire of Tanzanite in its brochure? The reason is that Tanzanite is a rare and valuable gemstone should be bought after availing all available options. A genuine dealer in Tanzanite gemstone from whom you buy loose Tanzanite online shall not only display the large inventory of Tanzanite at competitive prices but will willingly customize the stone as per the needs of the buyer. Here the check comes in relevance: an online vendor who displays Tanzanite as another line of products will never offer competitive prices and will dither on customization.

4. What to check: One needs to check the quality of Tanzanite when you buy loose Tanzanite online. There are online vendors which pose low-quality Tanzanite gemstones by giving desired clarity and colour by photo-shopping the image of Tanzanite and pose it as AAA grade colour or make exaggerated claims. One should go through the fine prints thoroughly before you buy loose Tanzanite online.

5.  Before buying tanzanite: When you buy loose gemstone online you should thoroughly go through vendor’s shipment and order policy. What is the time is taken and how the order will be shipped? When the website refreshes its displays of Tanzanite stones? A dependable and worthy e-retailer will always be open to answering such questions through an interactive forum provided on the website.

A website dealing in gemstone which has proper and correct answers to the above questions is a dependable place to buy loose Tanzanite online. Rasav Gems offers a website www.Rasav for the buyers who wish to buy loose Tanzanite online. Our endeavour at Rasavgems is to build a strong bond with the buyers that visit our website to buy loose Tanzanite online.

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