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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Powers of Tiger eye

Posted by Rasav Gems
Tags: Gems, Gemstone, Ruby

One of the most powerful and beautiful stone is Tiger’s eye stone. If your zodiac sign is Gemini then it will be beneficial for you. It gives its best if it is worn in silver metal. It usually found in East Asia – India, Burma, and Korea – Australia, Brazil and parts of Africa including Namibia.


Tiger’s eye gemstone is also denominated as a Chatoyant gemstone – that means it contains a unique property in which it gives the effect of Cat’s eye, which glows in the dark. Metamorphic rocks usually produce Tiger’s eye gemstone. It is usually made up of silica (silicon dioxide) crystal whose chemical formula is SiO2. It is generally found in either golden or yellow hue along with yellow or brown lines which look like Tiger’s eye, and that's the reason behind its name.

This stone is used from the ancient time where roman soldiers used to wear it to remain undefeated. Tiger’s eye is from Quartz family and affiliated with the planets of sun and mars.

Healing Effects

·         One of the most important reasons to wear it is that it intercedes from evils eye. As tiger can see at a night and it also has the ability to view immortal spirits of surroundings. Hence, it is said that tiger’s eye have the power to protect you from any nasty magic.

·         Tiger’s eye is also beneficial for those who feel a lack of stability and energy in their mind. It raises the concentration of mind and increases the survival power of the brain. It is also ideal for those who have weak intellectual power along with the erratic mind.

·         In some cases, Tiger’s eye use to improve self-esteem and self-dignity. It will also boost your tolerance and patience power, which directly helps you to build a strong personality. If you are suffering from weak root chakra or solar plexus, tiger’s eye will be ideal for you. It will improve the power of these chakras and in result you will be blessed with health and prosperity.

·         It will also improve your digestive system and help in healing the chronic pain in the body. To make your body impeccable and detoxifies your body.

·         It is also beneficial for those whose are enduring Ketu dosh. Astrologers highly recommend this stone for those who are facing the problem which are arises by a malefic planet. It is semi-precious stone which can be worn by anybody regardless of gender, age, zodiac sign and religion.

Care tips

·         As this stone absorbs negative energy, you can detoxify the stone by putting it in fresh water overnight.

·         Clean your gemstone softly and use only soft clothes to wipe it, do not rub or scratch your Tiger’s eye gemstone against other gemstones.

Choose your gemstone wisely and it also necessary to take good care of it. But the most important task is to buy it from the right seller. Rasav Gems has become the preferred choice of customers over the years; try it today if you are up to buy a precious

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